Hello, my name is Jack Molan, why on earth would you look at my blog?

Well, for starters, I work in the remote Bering Sea, north of the Aleutian Island Chain, and have for over 30 years. I have done the crab fishing everyone has seen on TV, long before it was on TV. Back when it really was a dangerous catch.
I switched out of Crabbing in 1985 after 5 years of hauling crab pots. We started mid-water trawling for Pollock then, a white fish of which there is a major abundance.(you don’t hear that often do you?) our fleet has caught over a million tons per year for over 25 years. And the stocks are still as healthy as ever! To give you an idea of the large harvest. Our vessel alone has a quota of over 20 million pounds per year.
As I go along I will fill in more details. My wife of 32 years and I, spend our time between Mexico, Oregon, and Alaska. We have a “winter” home on the Sea of Cortez in Sunny, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. We have 3 grown kids who are starting families of their own, and two super wonderful grandkids.
My hope is to be able to share the photos I enjoy taking, and that I am constantly trying to improrve on. And being able to write about them, and we go along here.